Drone Helps Inspect Work at Hospital Construction Site

Drone Helps Inspect Work at Hospital Construction Site
Lot of People started exploring the use of drones for inspection several years ago, but when new FAA regulations were released, wanting to ensure full compliance, they ceased operations until gaining their commercial section 333 exemption in December 2015. Today, drone operations are housed in the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) group, a 24-person team dedicated to improving construction processes through the use of Building Information Modeling.

Hunter Cole, Virtual Design Coordinator, summarizes what the team does another way; “We assist in almost anything that the company does that’s 3D-model related.”

 Whether capturing aerial photos or video, or generating detailed 3D models of entire sites through the use of photogrammetry, drones enable them to rapidly gather information during all phases of construction in a safe, economical, and practical way.

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